Friday, June 15, 2018

the one where Mila is 7 months old

Mila Soleil
Seven Months Old
Somewhere around 18 pounds.-ish. She's really filling out and comfortably wearing size 6-9 months. 
For anyone who has been following with her hearing.. she had her third follow up yesterday where she failed on her left ear again. She is not totally deaf in that ear but she has partial hearing loss. The dr told me she needs a hearing aid in her left ear. I was pretty shocked but this whole thing. I knew she had been failing her tests but a lot of people had told me it was very common due to fluid build up and that it would clear itself. At her appointment yesterday, the doctor said fluid is not the issue and its definitely hearing loss. From here, we have to take her to an ENT where they will medically clear her for the hearing aid and see if any testing can be done to make sure there is nothing else going on with her that's causing the hearing loss. Many tests cannot be performed until shes a certain age because she has to be big enough to be put under sedation. I'm feeling pretty anxious about the whole thing. I know that in the grand scheme of things a hearing aid isn't a big deal.. but to hear the dr mention medical assistance and that she has a disability, its not an easy thing to hear about your baby. Some of the positives are that we have figured out the problem early, early intervention means figuring out a solution early and hopefully this never being a problem for her in the future. Our appointment is scheduled for July. Please keep our angel in your thoughts.
Mila is full on formula as of a few weeks ago and is eating "real food" too. She loves sweet potatoes and peaches the most!
Her naps are still pretty consistent with two each day. A morning nap and a late afternoon nap. She is sleeping in her crib for those as often as possible and she also is overnight. Shes been doing great. She wakes up anywhere between 4 and 6am to eat and then sometimes wants to stay awake and play and sometimes wants to go right back to sleep.
-She is obsessed with her sisters
-Loves to pet her daddys face
-growls all of the time. We call her "Mila monster"
-hates getting her diaper changed
-likes to watch the kids at Dutch wonderland

She is literal heaven on Earth. We love you baby girl.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

the one where Mila is 6 months old

Mila Soleil
Six Months Old
I'm guessing somewhere between 16-18 pounds. She's really filling out and comfortably wearing size 6-9 months. 
Runny nose. Hearing follow up scheduled for next month. 6 month well visit tonight.
Mila has been taking formula bottles during the day and nursing overnight. As of today, I am trying to wean her from the overnight nursing and move to formula full time. She loves to eat but is still having her terrible gas issues and uncomfortableness overnight.
Her naps have been pretty good. She takes a morning and afternoon nap, both lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours. Overnight is a completely different story. Because we haven't been able to figure out what her belly issues are, shes not sleeping at all in the evening. The build up from whatever shes eating all day long hits her hardest at night and she cries, whines and is overall unable to settle herself. I'm lucky if I get a two hour stretch at a time and often the nights end up with me taking her downstairs to roll around until eventually she tires out and naps on me on the couch.
-She is saying "mama" and "baba"
-is sucking on her toes
-can roll anywhere she wants to go
-likes going for walks
-still loves pulling hair
-loves sweet potatoes and pears
Some truth: she is my hardest baby. It is all because of her sleep and the gas issues. I have been told a million times that by 6 months old she should outgrow the colic/gas issues. She has only been 6 months old for 4 days so when that change is supposed to kick in, I'm not sure? I wish there was a cure or snap of the fingers I could do to make her better. The lack of sleep is making it really hard to enjoy this last baby of mine. I hate wishing away time and don't like to do it but here I am, wanting to fast forward to a time where her belly is better and I can really soak her in. She is SUCH a sweet girl all day long. She has the most beautiful smile and those eyes... they melt you. Fingers crossed we get some answers for her or at least we get a plan for what we can do to make her belly better so we can enjoy our little girl and this time with our last little baby.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

the one where Tori turned 5

I'm late writing this, like usual.

My big girl turned 5 just about two weeks ago and I can hardly wrap my mind around it.
Days are long, years are short, right?

We had our usual ice cream sundae celebration for her at home which was fun. She gets so excited when we sing her happy birthday and girlfriend loves ice cream like no ones business. She is her mothers daughter for sure.

We decided to let Tori have a "friend party" this year and she decided on a swimming pool party at the Lititz Rec center.

We loved it! The price was GREAT.. it was an afternoon party so in between lunch and dinner. We had about 15 kids come. The pool was still open to the public but wasn't too crazy busy, thankfully.
We had pizza from Little Ceasars, pretzels, chips, cheese balls (which of course was the biggest hit with the kids) and then the most beautiful HORSE cake, ever! It was so pretty and delicious! All of the kids had a blast and I had several Mommies tell me their kids wanted to have their birthdays at the pool too. Tori had such a great time and got so many cool gifts. I kept laughing at how all of the gifts related to horses in some way and every time Tori went to open one of the gifts the kids would say "that one is from me! its really special!".. I love watching her little friendships. So special.

Another year has come and gone.
I had her kindergarten info session last night. We have about 5 months together before life as we have known it for the last 5 years together is never the same.

I love you my beautiful, smart, stubborn, sassy Princess Victoria.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

the one where Central is closed for two days

My niece has missed two days of school due to a threat against the school she goes to. Someone has been on social media saying they were going to hurt the students. Our children. They cannot go to school because they could be hurt, or even worse.. killed. After what just happened in Florida (17 people killed in a high school) everything has to be taken seriously.

This isn't supposed to be a political debate.

I have seen many different positions on this whole thing...

"The democrats want to take our guns"
"This is about mental health, not guns"
"Guns don't kill people, people kill people"
"Trump should do this..."
"Obama should have done that"
"Guns are my hobby. I shouldn't lose them because of some crazy person"
"Bad guys will always still get their hands on guns if they want"

What I haven't seen enough of which is really hard to wrap my head around is the side that says

The moment I became pregnant with Tori my entire life changed. Everything I did, from morning to night was with the thought of what was best for her. Of course that meant sacrificing a lot of things I wanted. I have only been a mother for 5 out of the almost 31 years I have been alive and I can barely remember life before being a Mother because of how much it has consumed me. It makes me SO sad to think there are so many people out there who are not willing to do that same thing for our children. You collecting guns.. owning guns being your "constitutional rights"... we need to be making choices NOT based on what you individually want, but what is in the best interest of life's most precious gems.. our babies.
I dont have the answer on what we can change or do to make everyone happy. I'm not creative enough for that haha. I just know that something has got to give. Something needs to change to make our babies safe everywhere, especially in schools. I think a good and fair starting point would be putting our kids first.

Monday, February 12, 2018

the one where Mila is 3 months old

Mila Soleil
Three Months Old
About 14 lbs I believe. Shes wearing size 3 months clothing and size 2 diapers! Time to put away the newborn clothes.
No more cough or runny nose, thankfully! We have a follow up (again) in 2 months for her hearing. If shes still not passing at that point we will need to see a specialist.
Exclusively breastfeeding. Shes obsessed with the boobie and not even sort of interested in a bottle. This is making me nervous for New Orleans but we are continuing to work on it!
Mila has been going to sleep around 9:30/10 each night and that is when she gives me the longest stretch of sleep so she will typically sleep until 2 or 3am.. she eats, burps, goes back to sleep and as of late, does this every two hours all night long. Mommy is tired.
-She smiles all the time 
-Loves to pull her sisters hair
-likes to nap in her swing
-likes to "beat up" the bird that hands from her playmat
-gives Daddy the best smiles
-has discovered her tongue and likes sticking it out
-blows spit bubbles
-has the best/longest eyelashes ever

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

the one with a new company


I have been dropping the ball on this little bloggy here but life has been BUSY and well, I simply haven't squeezed in the time for writing lately.
I have a big announcement worthy of a post..



I have been with CB since I got my license 6 years ago. I love the people, the office and the training I got in the beginning of my journey there was awesome. But here we are.. 6 years later, and I am in need of something different for my career that I was no longer able to get at CB. I am usually a total nut about change, I get anxious and I'm a creature of habit.. so truthfully, I have been holding back from this move for awhile and its been over a year in the making. I had a meeting at IV over the weekend and decided right then and there I was signing the papers. The move was happening! I was not going to let my fear or anxiety hold me back.

Will it take some time to adjust to a new place? YES.
Will it take some time to get my admin stuff situated? YES.
Will it take some time to simply get used to saying I work somewhere else? YES.
Will it take some time to organize getting to the office since now it will be 12 min from my house instead of the 5 min drive CB was? YES.
Will it take work to change all of my social media over to IV? YES.

But you know what.. who cares?! This change benefits me AND my family on SO many different levels.

One of the best being that a dear friend who I consider a true mentor in this business (shes a bad ass mom of 3 who ROCKS out, sells a crazy amount of houses, has a beautiful house herself, works out at 5am, makes dinner and fancy cakes for her kids) is managing at the Lancaster office and Ill be with her again!

I am making 2018 my year!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

the one where Im trying to find the balance

I've had some thoughts lately that have been weighing heavy on me that I sort of need to just get out. I have found that more often than not, when I do share these sort of feelings- there are a lot more people out there who feel the same as I do than that don't.

I'm at a weird stage right now. A crossroads, if you will.

I have been a Mother for 5 years and yet just a few months ago I have felt like I am more of a Mom than I am anything else.

That's a weird thing to wrap my mind around.

I guess it has come with having a third child. My life right now is managing my three children (ages 4 and under).. working so that I can financially support my children... sneaking in time with my husband when I can (so we can remember what life was like when it was just us sometimes)... keeping my house together.. and then, trying to be a friend.

I cherish my friendships SO much. I cherish relationships in general, so much. I am a people person. I am a people pleaser. I love to help people. I like to make people feel special. I will be the first friend to ask you how your parents are doing.. Ill be the first one to see how your new job is going.. or if I can bring you coffee when I know I'm going to drive past your office.. and it is hard for me that it has become harder for me to do that.

I am still ALWAYS thinking about everyone. It is what makes me a little crazy lol. I am always trying to figure out what I can do to remind people "hey, I'm still here!".. "hey, I'm still your friend!".. even if I cant text you all day long because I get side tracked by two kids who need diaper changes and a 4 year old who wants to practice her letters.. and a client who wants to see a house in an hour. I'm still here. I am still me. I guess its a different me now and that's what is hard to swallow for me and for other people. I'm just not going to be the same friend or person I was 5 years ago and I have to accept that.

I'm now the friend who loves you deeply, thinks of you often.. but needs you to show me patience and grace as I'm figuring out this new, very busy and very demanding life. I will continue to try to find the balance, meet me halfway. I appreciate you and you make me feel like 'me'.

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