Monday, February 12, 2018

the one where Mila is 3 months old

Mila Soleil
Three Months Old
About 14 lbs I believe. Shes wearing size 3 months clothing and size 2 diapers! Time to put away the newborn clothes.
No more cough or runny nose, thankfully! We have a follow up (again) in 2 months for her hearing. If shes still not passing at that point we will need to see a specialist.
Exclusively breastfeeding. Shes obsessed with the boobie and not even sort of interested in a bottle. This is making me nervous for New Orleans but we are continuing to work on it!
Mila has been going to sleep around 9:30/10 each night and that is when she gives me the longest stretch of sleep so she will typically sleep until 2 or 3am.. she eats, burps, goes back to sleep and as of late, does this every two hours all night long. Mommy is tired.
-She smiles all the time 
-Loves to pull her sisters hair
-likes to nap in her swing
-likes to "beat up" the bird that hands from her playmat
-gives Daddy the best smiles
-has discovered her tongue and likes sticking it out
-blows spit bubbles
-has the best/longest eyelashes ever

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

the one with a new company


I have been dropping the ball on this little bloggy here but life has been BUSY and well, I simply haven't squeezed in the time for writing lately.
I have a big announcement worthy of a post..



I have been with CB since I got my license 6 years ago. I love the people, the office and the training I got in the beginning of my journey there was awesome. But here we are.. 6 years later, and I am in need of something different for my career that I was no longer able to get at CB. I am usually a total nut about change, I get anxious and I'm a creature of habit.. so truthfully, I have been holding back from this move for awhile and its been over a year in the making. I had a meeting at IV over the weekend and decided right then and there I was signing the papers. The move was happening! I was not going to let my fear or anxiety hold me back.

Will it take some time to adjust to a new place? YES.
Will it take some time to get my admin stuff situated? YES.
Will it take some time to simply get used to saying I work somewhere else? YES.
Will it take some time to organize getting to the office since now it will be 12 min from my house instead of the 5 min drive CB was? YES.
Will it take work to change all of my social media over to IV? YES.

But you know what.. who cares?! This change benefits me AND my family on SO many different levels.

One of the best being that a dear friend who I consider a true mentor in this business (shes a bad ass mom of 3 who ROCKS out, sells a crazy amount of houses, has a beautiful house herself, works out at 5am, makes dinner and fancy cakes for her kids) is managing at the Lancaster office and Ill be with her again!

I am making 2018 my year!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

the one where Im trying to find the balance

I've had some thoughts lately that have been weighing heavy on me that I sort of need to just get out. I have found that more often than not, when I do share these sort of feelings- there are a lot more people out there who feel the same as I do than that don't.

I'm at a weird stage right now. A crossroads, if you will.

I have been a Mother for 5 years and yet just a few months ago I have felt like I am more of a Mom than I am anything else.

That's a weird thing to wrap my mind around.

I guess it has come with having a third child. My life right now is managing my three children (ages 4 and under).. working so that I can financially support my children... sneaking in time with my husband when I can (so we can remember what life was like when it was just us sometimes)... keeping my house together.. and then, trying to be a friend.

I cherish my friendships SO much. I cherish relationships in general, so much. I am a people person. I am a people pleaser. I love to help people. I like to make people feel special. I will be the first friend to ask you how your parents are doing.. Ill be the first one to see how your new job is going.. or if I can bring you coffee when I know I'm going to drive past your office.. and it is hard for me that it has become harder for me to do that.

I am still ALWAYS thinking about everyone. It is what makes me a little crazy lol. I am always trying to figure out what I can do to remind people "hey, I'm still here!".. "hey, I'm still your friend!".. even if I cant text you all day long because I get side tracked by two kids who need diaper changes and a 4 year old who wants to practice her letters.. and a client who wants to see a house in an hour. I'm still here. I am still me. I guess its a different me now and that's what is hard to swallow for me and for other people. I'm just not going to be the same friend or person I was 5 years ago and I have to accept that.

I'm now the friend who loves you deeply, thinks of you often.. but needs you to show me patience and grace as I'm figuring out this new, very busy and very demanding life. I will continue to try to find the balance, meet me halfway. I appreciate you and you make me feel like 'me'.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

the one where Mila is 2 months old

Mila Soleil
Two Months Old
Her weight at her doctor appointment (3 days ago) was 10 lbs 14oz. Grow, grow, grow girl. She is wearing 0-3 months clothing. 
Today is Milas hearing follow up. Keep her in your thoughts as we are hoping for good news and that her hearing is just fine.
Exclusively breastfeeding. Little lady has showed no interest in drinking from a bottle yet. Honestly, we need to try harder and more often. Also- we are battling some dietary issues. As of right now, I am tackling a dairy/egg free diet. It is not easy. Dairy is in a LOT of things and greek yogurt/ice cream happen to be two huge staples in my diet. I am hoping to stick it out long enough to make it until she starts to outgrow the issues (which Dr says for most babies is around 12 weeks but you never know).Fingers crossed this helps her because her nightly crying and farts/burps/hiccups are so sad and intense and we just feel so terrible for her. 
Mila has been going to sleep around 9:30/10 each night and that is when she gives me the longest stretch of sleep so she will typically sleep until 2 or 3am.. she eats, burps, goes back to sleep and then sleeps until 5 or 6am before waking again to nurse.
-She smiles all the time 
-Not a fan of the cold
-Her eyes are officially blue. Blue eyes and dark hair.
-Handles her sister Avas constant hugging and kissing very well.
-Has been having some fun with her playmat.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

the one where Mila is one month old

Mila Soleil
One Month
Little lady is weighing in at 10.5 lbs, 21.25 inches long, percentiles falling in the 60th for both. She is wearing size 0-3 months with a little room. We are loving footie pajamas.
Mila failed her ear screenings twice at the hospital at birth. Both times in her left ear. Doctor said it was common when you deliver a baby quickly because "not all of their fluids get pushed out". I'm a little anxious because we do have to follow up with an audiologist in a couple of weeks. Send us all of your positives vibes, prayers, etc that everything is ok. Other than that, little beeb is healthy!
Breastfeeding. How I love and loathe you. Mila is a very efficient eater with nursing sessions only lasting 10 minutes max. Sometimes she eats from both sides.. sometimes only from one. Doctor says its fine, she's gaining weight and thriving. We also (just today actually) got meds for thrush. I have never had it before. The dr says its mild as of right now, so hopefully starting the meds today will clear it up quickly.
Mila is a bit of a night owl (like her sister Ava was) and doesn't typically go to sleep until somewhere between 10 and 11. From there she will give me one good stretch of somewhere between 4-6 hours but that varies. As of late, when she wakes up to nurse at 3 or 4 she likes to stay awake and party for a bit before falling back to sleep (about an hour later) and then sleeps until her big sisters get up and wake her.
-She has started smiling
-Her favorite person is Mommy
-The bigger she gets, the more she looks like Tori
-Naps in her swing throughout the day
-Sisters fight over who loves her the most
-She is really strong and can hold her head up really well and is even getting up on her side in what looks like an attempt to roll over
-Not a fan of her car seat

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

the one with breastfeeding the third time around

If you have been around these parts for awhile, you know I have struggled with breastfeeding in the past. With Tori, mastitis 5x in 4 months.. Ava mastitis once.. clogged ducts, cracked and bleeding nipples... you name it, it happened to me. I have also been across the board as far as how I have fed my babies. Tori, pumping exclusively for 4/5 ish months before switching completely to formula.. and to the complete opposite spectrum of nursing Ava for 18 months (and her NEVER taking a bottle). Now, it is Mila's turn to give me a run for my money with the nursing thing.

Lets start at week 1-2:
Latching an infant is NOT EASY. I do NOT understand how or why nurses, movies, social media and other Moms alike try to make it seem like the most simple thing ever. Nope. I have never once had a baby be born and her just camp out on the boob and never have an issue. Mila was the same as Tori and Ava in that it took legit training to get her to latch. The first week or so was terrible. I was in an intense amount of pain and my poor nipples.. oh man, those things took a beating. Cracked. Red. Painful. I couldn't let water touch them in the shower, I didn't like my clothes rubbing on them. I was using Neosporin and nipple cream every minute it felt like. I was NOT going to become a slave to breastfeeding. I was NOT going to make myself nuts with the pressure to make breastfeeding work. I have two other kids for goodness sake. I cant let them suffer with a stressed out Mom all because of breastfeeding. So just like I did with Ava, I turned to the lactation consultants at her pediatrician office (Eden park). And like with Ava, they were lifesavers. I cant describe how much more calm they make you feel. I wasn't crazy. There is nothing wrong with Mila. We just have to learn what works best for us. We also had to get my nipples healed. I had to use a nipple shield on my cracked nipple everyday for a week. I also had to use Neosporin on them to help with the healing process. I tried to avoid bras at all costs and kept the boobies out of the shower lol. After a few days I saw a major difference. Then I had a clogged duct (because you know, one thing after another lol). After a couple of days of massaging etc, it went away. It is so crazy how in the moment, the whole process seems SO HARD and SO PAINFUL. And while it is, you really can (and do) get through it... then all of a sudden, it seems like it was forever ago. I am so happy I didn't quit.

Fast forward to week 4ish
Mila is nursing AMAZINGLY. I cannot believe that it was only 3 or so weeks of pain and suffering (lol) this time around. Throughout the day shes nursing anywhere from every 2-3 hours.. and overnight shes anywhere from 2-4 hours (depending on how her gas issues are.. man I forgot how fun the first couple of months are LOL). My nipples are 100% healed, there is absolutely ZERO pain when she latches/nurses and I have even braved nursing her outside of our house a few times. She has only just started using a pacifier about a week or so ago so we have been focusing on getting her to use that for comfort (insert: gas discomfort) and then I am pumping here and there so we can introduce her to a bottle. As much as I love nursing her and am desperately holding on to these times (as it is definitely my last go with nursing and this whole infant thing).. I also do not want to be a slave to nursing the way I was with Ava. 18 months of never leaving your baby for more than 3 hours is a LOT. My poor husband lol.

In conclusion:
Breastfeeding (at least for me) absolutely was an easier process to start and stick with this third time around. I feel more confident (in general) with breastfeeding and what I am capable of. I am trusting my body and trusting Mila and together we are moving right on along with this journey.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

the one with Mila's birth story

Mila Soleil is here! Oh wait, she has been for almost a month already haha. To say Im a bit behind on the posts is an understatement.

I'm a sucker for a birth story and love reliving mine. So without further delay.. here is my littlest girls' birth story...

Rewind to Friday the 10th. It was around 5pm and I all of a sudden remembered that I couldn't figure out the last time I felt the baby kick. The day was busy, I was running around with the kiddos a lot.. usually her kicks can stop me in my tracks and I couldn't remember it happening. I ate some ice cream or something else sweet (I cant remember what exactly).. and there was maybe one or two kicks.. but not her usual.
I called into the dr who had me go into May Grant after hours to be checked out. The nurses hooked me up to a bunch of machines and did some testing and came to see that the babys heart rate was elevated. Super elevated. 170s/180s (her typical heart rate was around 140). They couldn't figure out what would be causing that and sent me to triage. More tests. More monitoring etc.. babys heart rate was still elevated and with my due date being the following day, they decided to induce me. A baby born on their actual due date, yay! Apparently that only happens like, 3% of the time or something crazy like that.
I was very surprised to find that the third time around, contractions were not kicking my ass the way they did with my first two deliveries. My first two deliveries, I was more than ready for my epidural around 3cm dilated and this third time around.. I was at 6cm dilated before I even really considered the epidural. The nurse told me that if I was considering an epidural, I should order it soon because there is a point of no return where they wouldn't be able to give me one. The idea of pushing a baby out with no epidural was not even an option in my mind so I ordered it at that point. The anesthesiologist came to give me the epidural and I wasn't feeling nervous at all. I remembered with Tori and Avas births that I hardly felt the epidural.. and I came to realize that was because my contractions were so terrible that the epidural needle felt like nothing. I was just desperate for the meds. This time around, with my contractions not being so rough, the epidural was brutal. I felt everything. I had nothing to distract me from the pain and I cried a lot. I was not expecting that at all. I guess that goes with giving birth though, you really don't know what to expect. Once my epidural was all set I started having issues with the epidural. My entire left side (from about my armpit down) was numb. My entire right side I could feel. It was so strange. It took what felt like awhile for the doctor to get everything even. I had to switch to certain positions to get the meds to come into me in different ways, etc. I will say, after all is said and done, I still swear by the epidural lol.
Fast forward (not really so fast because it was about 24 hours total) to pushing. A total breeze. I had to try a couple different positions to find my rhythm but a short ten minutes of pushing later and baby Mila was born. 8lbs 1oz. I do not have small babies when they are full term. She has dark hair and was puffy (not as much as Ava was at birth).. the third time around, was just as sweet as the last two times. She was so beautiful, they laid her on my chest, there were happy tears shed and I kissed her little wet head and smelled that amazing newborn smell and couldn't believe she was finally here. Our third duck. Here to complete our family.

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