Friday, May 26, 2017

the one with pregnancy the third time around

Third time around and I'm still experiencing some new things when it comes to this pregnancy.
First of all, I am showing MUCH faster this time around. At 16 weeks pregnant, I can still get away with wearing my normal clothes and adding a belly band but I am getting wider as much as I am sticking out further. I am in a wedding next month, the dress is a size small. About 2 months ago it still fit perfectly, fast forward to last week and I cant get it zipped up. I took it for alterations and had to have FOUR INCHES added to the rib cage area. How in the hell is my rib cage expanding? Is this normal? lol. No seriously, did anyone else experience anything like that? I have gained 10lbs already. Which I attribute to the fact that I am typically VERY on top of my weight and food/drink intake but once I am pregnant, its not that I go crazy-but I am just not strict. I was also thinner before this pregnancy (at about 115lbs soak and wet) than I ever was with my other 2 (where I was always about 120-125lbs when I found out I was pregnant).
Acne. I am breaking out like crazy. My skin is one of the most complimented features I have. I am tan year around and my skin is very smooth. I don't wear foundation. My skin tone is very even. No break outs. And now, between my back, face and neck- I'm a mess. Glamorous, I know.
Morning sickness. The first couple of weeks I had more morning sickness than I did with Tori or Ava. I wasn't puking, just sort of always feeling like I had to.
Food. Nothing weird in the food department other than I will say I miss alcohol. Which makes me turn to unsweetened iced tea and/or a soda more often than I would typically in my non pregnant days. Usually in my non pregnant days, soda is a no-no unless it is mixed in an alcoholic beverage. Hence the whole being more lax on myself when I'm pregnant.
Workouts. Same old really. I actually feel fine as far as energy goes so in the (few) nice days we have had, I have been doing ok keeping up with the girls, park dates, etc. I'm getting to the gym 3/4 times a week, still lifting, still doing some cardio.

Monday, May 22, 2017

the one with the biggest lesson to my girls

Is it weird that I was almost relieved when we found out the baby was going to be another girl? Of course after having two daughters, a son would have been nice to switch things up a bit.. and because I wanted Dan to get that experience of having a kid that is the same sex as he is. I don't know what it would change. Or if it would change anything? I just know that with me and the girls, we can get each other on a different level since we are all females.
I am a girls girl in every sense that one can be. I love powerful women. I love women who have their shit together. I love women who do it all. I love women who have careers. I love women who stay at home with their kids. I love educated women. I love women who just do what they want. And I LOVE other women who LOVE other women. Who support other women.
That is one of the biggest things I want to teach my girls. Just the overall confidence in themselves to be able to appreciate and support other women and their successes. I want my girls to look at other women who are successful and consider them INSPIRATIONAL... not competition. Thankfully my girls also have a Daddy who loves women. Who supports women. Who truly looks at women as his equal and will 100% support our girls to reach for the stars. To worry about themselves. To tell them that their lives and what they can accomplish has no limits. I know that confidence isn't just something that is taught like a class in school but I am really and truly dedicated to figuring out what it is as a Mother that I can do for my girls.
Women are always the hardest critics of each other and I just don't get it. I don't get why you cant see that a woman you know lost 5 lbs and say to them "CONGRATS! You look AMAZING!" or why you cant see a Mother bottle feeding their baby formula or breastfeeding and say "that baby is so lucky you take such good care of him/her!" Too fat. Too skinny. Too smart. Too dumb. Stay at home mom. Working mom. Women who don't want to have kids. Women who date around. Women who got married young. Women who don't want to get married.

I don't know if woman on woman judgement will ever go away, but I am going to personally try to start the change in my own house with my own girls.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

the one with a new baby follow up

So for anyone who follows me on FB and/or IG, you read some big news recently..
Yep, yep, baby #3. A baby girl. 3 girls. My dream. Minus the whole 3 teenage girls part.. that part, I'm scared of. When I said that to my OB, she said "I don't think teenage girls are a problem unless they happen to have a parent that isn't a good girl parent, being a girl parent by yourself is not easy"... ding ding ding.
That totally makes perfect sense to me. And lucky for me, my Danny is the BEST girl dad, EVER. Literally. He does it all. He will brush hair, he will play, he will cuddle, he will wrestle, he will "be the daddy" when Tori wants to play house, he can handle pink and sparkly and he happens to be a man who 100% believes that women are equal to men and that our girls can do anything their little hearts desire. My girls (and me!) are so lucky to have him.
I wanted to have three kids. Dan wasn't so on board with that. "The world is meant for a family of four".. "you don't want Ava to be a middle child!".. "There will always be someone left out when we get on rides at DW"... I thought I at least had him sort of considering maybe next year when Tori would be in school full time (which realistically would make my life as a working mom easier, also).. and then SURPRISE. Just the way life always is, right when you least expect it.. a positive pregnancy test. I was thinking something was up when I was just a couple days late and Dan told me to take a test before he ran to the beer distributor to get us some weekend beer (lol) and there it was.. plus sign. It was a little faded still so just to be on the safe side I went back to the pharmacy and got another box of tests. Clear as day "pregnant" pops up on the screen. We were shocked. Can it really have happened this fast?! I had only had one cycle since breastfeeding! Some pacing around the house happened. Some tears (both happy and scared/nervous tears!). And there you have it, we are having three children.
I am due November 11th (Veterans day). So yes, for 3 weeks we will have -TWO UNDER TWO- and then -THREE KIDS AGE FOUR AND UNDER-. That is sort of terrifying me. I mean, I know we will do just fine but man that seems like a lot of kids. Hahaha. I mean, I'm still nursing Ava (that's a whole other post itself). I guess the whole idea of hey while you are alrdy not sleeping and half out of your mind, why not just throw another into the mix? I have heard 2 to 3 isn't as hard of a transition as 1 to 2 so I'm just going to roll with that...

At 14.5 weeks pregnant...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

the one with an April life update

I cant keep up around here lately. AH!
I think to myself "I should update my blog" at least a couple times a week and then I think to myself.. or I could get caught up with my paperwork, or do laundry, or vacuum, or one of the other 101 things I could be getting done. And they win. Pretty much every time.

Around these parts...

-Tori is fast and furious into the last two months of school. I am not sure when her actual last day is and that's mostly because I don't want to admit its almost over haha. She loves it there, loves her friends, and it sounds like a lot of them will be there next year too so that's exciting. Next year she will be there three days a week, 9:30-2:30 and although Ill miss her, I'm thinking the longer day will be great prep for the all day kindergarten program that our school district offers. Ill cry about the whole all day kindergarten thing later.
-Ava currently is battling an ear infection, a cough and a runny nose. Oh this is all the while (or maybe because of?) shes teething. Our little 16 month old still only has two teeth so I am convinced she will wake up one day soon with a full mouth because man, shes grumpy. Poor babe.
-2 months until our week long vacation to OBX! I am soooo excited! A whole week of my little fam, the ocean, our own private beach/pool/hot tub, a movie theatre/game room.. granted there will be like, 14 kids there (ages 5 and under) so relaxing is probably not going to be a part of this trip but itll be fun nonetheless. We didn't do family vacations when I was a kid (I think maybe two my whole life?) so I am just so excited to have this experience with our little family.
-I am turning 30 in June and currently trying to come up with something fun to do that isn't just a bar night. Ideas, anyone?
-This month has been insane with work. 2 settlements, lots of clients under contract. No complaints here. A lot of work has been in York recently so the only issue is it takes up more of my day when I include the travel.
-Dan is doing well. We had a date night out to the Federal taphouse last weekend where we were surprised by a friend who took care of our entire check. I think the best part of that was the timing. We needed a date night, just the two of us so badly. And then to have it topped off with that, just awesome. Every time we have a date night we always wonder why we don't do it more often. We laugh so much. He is my best friend. :)
-I'm in a neighborhood moms group on fb and have been having some fun with it. Tori is one of the older kids, most of the parents around here have kids Avas age or younger. There have been pizza nights, moms night out nights, playdates, etc. It has been fun getting to know the other parents in the neighborhood.
-My niece Sam is visiting PA this week. We have been to my parents house in York almost everyday so we can spend time with her and my sister. We have went to the circus, got the cousins pictures taken together, etc. It has been fun. These visits go fast and are few and far between.
-Dan, me and my parents are going to New York on Sunday which should be a lot of fun. We are going to check out the wax museum/touristy places and eat. A lot.
-I have been dreaming of a fenced in yard for this summer. Tori plus a (probably) walking by the summer Ava means lots of chasing kids and trying to keep them in our yard. We got a quote for a fence last year and it was reasonable so I think we are going to follow up with them and make a decision. Sometimes I hate spending money on things on the outside of the house because there is still a bunch I want to do inside but seriously.. to not have to worry about the girls leaving the yard this summer.. that would be awesome.
-While on the topic of our yard-we are going to try a small garden this year. Raised beds. Tomatoes..  a couple other easier things. I actually kill everything so this will be more of a Dan project.
-RHONY just started and well.. I'm obsessed. Hi Bethenney. Hi Ramona. Hi Dorinda.
-Ava CAN GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT NURSING and hardly cries!!!! This is HUGE PEOPLE!

Anywho- that's all I have for now! Have a wonderfully blessed rainy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

the one with marriage advice from an expert

Hahahaha ok so I'm not actually an expert. Not even sort of a little bit actually-but this is what I can tell you- in 6 years, I have learned a thing or two. Some of them were things I learned right away but with marriage, you are constantly evolving and learning. I have a couple people close to me that are getting married this year and so that is what inspired this post.

1-Let yourself be vulnerable. Bring your guard down. Let your spouse truly and openly have full access to your heart. If you are marrying this person, you can trust that this person wont abuse that.
2- Do not let your children be more important than your spouse. I'm sure there are moms who are going to read that and think I'm being harsh but I'm serious. Of course your children are important and special and need you.. but I hate to break it to you- they grow up. They move on. They fall in love. They move away. They start their own families. Do you know who is going to be with you when that happens? Your husband. Your wife. That's who. Do not forget that your relationship needs to be nurtured. Your children are watching.
3- Tell your significant other that you love them every single day. Really. Life gets crazy and sometimes you will barely see each other or speak, but make it a point to do this.
4- Sometimes life is boring. Sorry but its true. The days can run together. Especially when you add kids to the mix. Work. Kids. Dinner. Bedtime. Do not live in a fantasy world where you're constantly thinking about how to make things new and exciting. Don't get me wrong- you should absolutely mix things up in life.. try something new , go somewhere new..You have to find the "new and exciting" things in the chapter of life that you are in with your significant other.
5- Communicate. I know that's so duh. But seriously. Communicate. You don't feel your significant other is giving you enough attention? Tell them. You have packed lunch for your husband or wife everyday this week without so much as a text message "thank you" and its on your mind? Tell them. With that said, find the balance between telling them and nit picking. Choose your battles.
6- People change. I think the hardest part of this is that people always change and some couples do not think they are changing together. You CAN change together. Your wants and needs will change and if you go back to #5 and communicate about these things, you can and will figure out the transitions together. Dan and I started dating when I was 20 and he was 26.. we are now almost 30 and 36. We are talking about almost a decade together. Of course we have changed. Of course our wants and needs in life are different. But the best part of our relationship is the genuine support and acceptance we give each other.
7-Remember why you got married in the first place. Remember all of the laughing. Remember the trips. Remember the goals you have reached together. Remember the family you have built.
8-Marriage is work. That might not sit well for some either but hey, it is. Think of it this way- if you go to work every single day and do the same thing every single day and never do anything to take your position to the next level- will you get the raise? Will you get the promotion? No. You have to work at your marriage everyday. What can you do to be the best husband/wife you can be?

I certainly don't have all of the answers nor will I pretend to.  I mess up every single day. I'm tired. I'm a mom of two young kids who sometimes chooses sleep over a cuddle session with my husband. With that said, I truly believe in the sanctity of marriage and everything that marriage represents. I also know that every relationship is different. 6 years of marriage has been work, but it has been one of the best jobs of my life. I am so truly thankful to have been blessed with such an amazing partner. My husband, the most amazing father. I love and appreciate you, every single day.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

the one where I am about to have a four year old

Why does four seem SO much older than three?
Ill tell you why- because it is.
In toddler world-every single year is a significant change. Maybe one day, when Tori is 7 turning 8 or 14 turning 15 it wont seem like much of a difference, but right now- it seems like each year brings on a whole new world.

Since Tori was born-parenting her has been a challenge. Challenge doesn't always mean a bad thing. Sometimes it means exciting. Sometimes it means learning new things about myself. Sometimes it means pushing yourself to new limits. Sometimes it means seeing yourself in your child. Sometimes it means questioning everything. Sometimes it means getting comfortable with a stage, just for that stage to come and go in the blink of an eye.

I should have known from my 30 hour labor/delivery that this was going to be me the ride of my life.

Tori is..
SO FUNNY. Seriously. She is SUCH a jokester and loves to make people laugh.
Smart. She catches onto everything. She asks a LOT of questions. Lots and lots of "why" and "how" and "where"
Beautiful. Her hair is past her butt. Its curly. It has the most beautiful highlights. Her blue eyes sparkle. Her smile is huge. She is a real life doll baby.
Sassy. Since birth she has known exactly what she wants. And she gets it.
Charming. She always knows exactly what to say and when to say it. "I love you Mommy".. "You look pretty today Mommy"..
Aware. She reads people. She is always wondering how people feel in different situations and what it was that she did to make them feel that way.
A foodie. Loves food. Tomatoes, avocado, crab, oreo cookies, cheez its, strawberries, chicken, mac and cheese.. about 90% of the things we put in front of her she will eat. Shes just like her daddy.
An awesome big sister. She is obsessed with her baby sister. They have the most amazing embrace every morning. Its the sweetest to see them hug. She doesn't like when Ava cries. She likes to share snacks with Ava. She likes going places with Ava. Ava is her jam.
A lover. Her Daddy. Her Mommy. Her family. She adores us and tells us constantly.

Tori gets sweeter, funnier & sassier every day and it is the biggest blessing in life to watch her grow. I know she's my kid so maybe I'm a bit partial, but she's IT.

My girl. My love. My best friend. My soul mate. Happy 4th birthday.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

the one where I finally post a life update

Oops, I seem to have missed January.

Life has been crazy and that is my only excuse.

Dans grandmother recently moved in with us while she is figuring out a more long term plan as far as her life goes. She recently had some health issues (I have decided that once you hit 80- getting old sucks lol) and needs some assistance as she is rebuilding her strength and just in general taking on a new chapter of life. The previous owners of our home had a son who was in a wheelchair so they had a handicap accessible bedroom and full bathroom added onto the first floor of the home when he had his accident. Dan, my dear husband with the huge heart- felt that it was a sign that we should help his grandmother since logistically we had the best set up for her. I'm Italian and we take care of people for life. Its just how it is. So I got on board. I know that if this was my grandmother (who I am very close with), I would need Dan to be understanding and willing to help as well. We are a family and this is what family is for.

We had been using the first floor bedroom as a playroom. Tori wasn't thrilled about losing her playroom but we explained to her that the loss is only temporary and now she gets to have a lot of the toys in her bedroom. And in the dining room. And in the sunroom. A little bit of toys everywhere lol.

Tori has been sleeping terribly the past couple of months and it is really starting to take its toll on me. Mostly because it is starting to take its toll on her. She is tired. ALL DAY. She just doesn't want to sleep. She doesn't nap (and hasn't for years). And a tired toddler means a completely insane toddler. I cant reason with her. She hates anything and everything. Lavendar oils, nightlights, ceiling lights, star/window lights, mattress on the floor, stuffed animals, take toys away, give rewards.. we have

And on a lighter note- its February. This month brings settlement(s), a child-free dinner with my husband (trading babysitting services is the best idea ever!), 3 childrens birthday parties and much more! Pray for our family that Tori starts getting some sleep!

A pic of Me, Tori, Izzy and Ava at Hersheys Chocolate World last weekend :)
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